Sample Programs

The Music Department at UNIS




G  U  I  T  A  R   x   2


Harris Becker  &  Pasquale Bianculli



Tuesday, November 25, 2003  7:30 pm


United Nations International School


Sylvia Howard Fuhrman Auditorium





Tuesday November 25, 2003  7:30pm


    Souvenir de Russie, Op. 63                 Fernando Sor (c 1778-1839)                         (edited and arranged by Jerry Willard)                    

    Six Pieces from the Jane Pickering (1616)                        Anonymous              and Rowallen (1620) Lute Books

     A Scots Tune v I Never Knew I Loved Thee v The Scottish Huntsupe v A Scots Tune          Corne Yards  v Curent

                                                         (Pat Bianculli, lute)     

      Four Lute Pieces                                                    John Dowland (1563-1626)

         A Fancy v Can She Excuse v Melancholy Galliard v A Fancy

                                                 (Harris Becker, lute)


      Prayer                                                                   Fred Hand (b. 1947)




     Pinote                                                               Sergio Assad (b.1952)

     Bolinhas de Queijo                                         Celso Machado (b. 1953)

     Recife Dos Corais                                            Sergio Assad

     Imagens do Nordeste                                       Celso Machado


     Long Island Suite op. 101                          Carlo Domeniconi (b. 1947)

      (written and dedicated to my friends Pat & Harris, Berlin Jan 2002)               

                Toccata (Preludio)

                Corale Notturno




                Molto Lento



    Jongo                                                         Paulo Bellinati (b. 1950)




Overture to the Opera                  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart “La Clemenza di Tito”                   (1756-1791)

(edited and arranged by Newman-Oltman Duo)  guitar reduction by Mauro Giuliani           (1781-1829)



Souvenir de Russie, Op. 63              Fernando Sor             (edited and arranged by Jerry Willard)               (c 1778-1839)


Six Pieces from the Jane Pickering (1616)    Anonymous    and Rowallen (1620) Lute Books

  A Scots Tune        I Never Knew I Loved Thee         The Scottish Huntsupe                          A Scots Tune        Corne Yards   Curent

                                                ( lute solos, Mr. Bianculli)

 from Tres Cenas Brasilieras          Sergio Assad (b.1952)

 Prayer                                            Fred Hand (b. 1947)




Long Island Suite op. 101            Carlo Domeniconi        (written and dedicated to my friends                (b. 1947)                                        Pat & Harris, Berlin,  January 2002)    


                Toccata (Preludio)

                Corale Notturno




                Molto Lento




From Kakadu                               Peter Sculthorpe                                                      (b. 1929)

                                    (guitar solo, Mr. Becker) 

Evening Dance (1990)                    Andrew York                                                        (b. 1958)


Jongo                                            Paulo Bellinati                                                       (b. 1950)



   Guitar x 2







        Pasquale Bianculli & Harris Becker, guitar






          Sunday May 19, 2002  5:00pm


         Brooklyn Loft

                 70 Washington Street

                 Suite 1101

                 Brooklyn, New York 11201